Corporate Social Responsibility

TallinnCarRent is a socially responsible company, which stands for transparency of business and high service standards. We continuously invest in the development of our business and inside the company we have a mission to keep our employees happy and productive, by supporting their professional and social development. With colleagues who love their jobs we can treat our customers as our guest and with our service we can create positive emotions.
In addition we have initiated inside our company a movement for different good acts, for example a blood donation. For us it is important that the employees contribute their time and energy, rather than collect only money. As a socially responsible company we see that beside investing the development of our business it is also important to give something back to the environmental around us. Therefore in every year we plant trees, what we consider as our small step for lowering the exhaust pollution that harms human health and environment. Forrest in Estonia are one of our natural asset and also renewable natural resource, so we believe that it is important to value highly the most important oxygen producer of our planet.